Pearlins Pure

Pearlins is the name, which we gave Victor’s special recipe. It is round, it is sweet, it has ginger, it is spicy, it is hot, it is cool and we could continue like this forever .. it unifies opposites, it connects, we say, it pearlins….

Lachsfilet in Pearlins

Salmon is already an experience itself, when it is properly prepared and designed on your plate. By chance, we have created a Salmon in Pearlins, when a bottle spilled a little bit over it one day. “Why not trying it? – Ok, let’s do it…

Pearlins auf Spargel

Pearlins on Asparagus is a special treat. When the Asparagus is “al dente”, exactly the that you can have a bite but it will melt down on your tongue just after, Pearlins makes you feel a little bit of a spice and sweet. It is…

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