Innovation & Creation

Ginger has many properties such that it combines with many in nature. People believe in curing effects, it has a fancy characteristic flavour and it combines with almost everything for a drink or even cooking.

Pearlins, as a company, defines its DNA on the engineering talent of nature and wants to understand better what we can do with ginger from its chemical point of view as well as with regard to its wonderful capabilities for food and drinks. Ginger affects our senses in different such that it enables us to create new drinks, new food or just new products.

Handcrafting & Intelligence

Pearlins is a real handcrafted product. Production, bottling and labeling, preparation and signature. Everything was performed by hand. This is in the very heart of our production. Every bottle of Pearlins is unique and is treated as there would be only the one of it for you! Concerning the bigger production, we do carefully consider which are the characteristic and unique parts during the creation and production of the Pearlins while for others we develop methods to automate.

Ginger is a rich and pure source whose potentials are only to be unveiled. We study ginger and it's applications because we believe in it such that we can provide new sustainable, healthy and easy to manufacture products from a natural, regenerable source, grown with sun and water.

A Class of its Own

Pearlins is a classy drink with an emotional history in a simple design. As it cannot be classified, Pearlins defines a whole new category!

Its unique taste as well as its glamorous color make you experiencing a new site of it with every drink. On top, it is more than just a drink, you can cook with it! Spice-up a cocktail, bake a beautiful cake or add the magic secret to your Star-Chef-recipe.

The diverse facets of Pearlins add new topics to talk about. Pearlins creates a warm and communicative mood such that people feel just well and relaxed.

Recipes & Ideas

Are you trying your own creation, drink or something completely new? - Share your recipe and be awarded by one bottle of Pearlins for each approved and published recipe! Send it to and we will evaluate your idea right after.

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Ginger is one of the most inspiring and most talented plants we do know! People believe in curing effects of ginger for more than thousands of years and we believe that ginger is much more than just a plant.


Pearlins puts its efforts on research of ginger because we strongly believe in the capabilities of its natural foundation. Ginger is sustainable and we trust nature that it has already leveraged every mean which empowers us to help others every day.


Pearlins is the manufacturer of a drink of the same name. It defines its own category with a unique texture which cannot be decided to be sweet or spicy, salty or bitter. We are convinced that creativity and innovation are the right approach to achieve the most sustainable processes and products.


Today, Pearlins is a 100% hand-made product. Each bottle is assembled by hand. The product's history made it each bottle to be unique and special. We will always be driven by maintaining this character of our product and company as part of our DNA.


ProductOn ice it's a shot ..,

.. warm it makes you happy and hot! On a hot summer night, Pearlins is refreshing on ice while it melts down any freeze in winter when you drink it at room temperature. Also, add it to your tea or espresso!

Texture & FlavorTexture & Flavour

Pearlins has a unique texture. You cannot point down a specific flavour but Pearlins takes you on a discovery trip of how to experience a flavour. In the beginning, it is light and sweet while in the end, it developes its power of heating and sparking you up.

Texture & FlavorBefore or After?

The answer is: before and after! The classical version of Pearlins is a perfect starter while its variant, Pearlins V, which is a liquor, is a round, sweeter finisher to enjoy the time before you leave to go home.

Add-onAdd-on or Plug-in | Create & Cook

Pearlins can change or ignite your actual meal. It can even turn it into a fantastic fireworks. Pearlins is not only to drink, as it combines with almost everything. As you combine ingredients, the right amount of Pearlins makes your meal fresh or spicy, warmer or gingery. I.e. try it with Salmon, bake a cake or put some pearls on your piece of asparagous. In any case, it makes it special! Don't be shy, just try!


Pearlins was created by the Lubos family to cheer with your beloved ones. It was always there when celebrating birthdays or achievements, when treating their friends or just to say [Thank You] with a warm hug. The mission is to send and share this happiness and gratefulness with others.



Become a partner and get a license. Pearlins is a mission together! You can sell Pearlins, from your shop, your car or even your home. Do it offline or online! Just as you feel the most comfortable. For now, just give us a call and tell us that you wanna get on-board of the Pearlins!
We will send you your starter kit which makes you ready for the first sales, yet!

Add-onStarter Kit

The Pearlins Starter Kit contains a set of bottles, merchandise articles (i.e. flyers, stickers, ..), instructions and tips as well as a beautiful box. We will also help you to get your vehicle or market booth all set.

Add-onGreat Sales

As your sales numbers increase, you are awarded with unique conditions of purchase and will be part of the journey of creating a platform.

Add-onTell your friends ..

.. and let the Pearlins family grow! Your extra-mile in spreading the word and on-boarding new Pearlineers will be rewarded with a one time discount of 25% on your current conditions of purchase for each hire.*

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