Salmon is already an experience itself, when it is properly prepared and designed on your plate. By chance, we have created a Salmon in Pearlins, when a bottle spilled a little bit over it one day. “Why not trying it? – Ok, let’s do it !” and we did. After some experiments, we found out that it is the best to prepare the sell men by filling pearlins with a teaspoon into the middle of the filet as well as opening its filaments and wait until the Salmon absorb the Pearlins.


250 g Salmon
50 g Butter
1 Onion
1 Lemon
1 Egg
1 Clove of Garlic
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper


Start with cutting the onions, the garlic, leek as well as the radish into dices and slices while you are melting the butter in a pan at lower temperature. Once the butter is liquid, put the salmon into the butter. The salmon is on top of your diced garlic such that it can breath but not suck the garlic. Take care that your heat is not to high and remember that the garlic is perfect, when its inside is a bit glassy but soft. You can test this with a small cut in the middle if you are not sure. Put a bit of pepper and rosemary helping to make it a bit edgier and lighter.

In a separate pot, heat the olive oil and roast the diced onions. As a nice add-on, you can prepare a fried egg, served on a separate plate (see the hint below).

After around 20 minutes, the salmon is done and you can serve it with the sliced fresh lemon, and the radish. Put the leek over the Salmon and arrange everything with the onions how you like it the most. Then, enjoy your beautiful art of flavours.

How to eat with Pearlins

Prepare your bit of salmon and eat it with the fried onions. In case the Pearlins isn’t intense enough, take some drops of Pearlins using a teaspoon and put it on your bite. In summer, we recommend to squeeze your sliced lemon over the salmon. It creates an amazing fresh breeze with the sparkling features of ginger. You will experience a refreshment and a hot bite – all you need – at the same time.

Tipps and Variants

Add some pumpkin seeds and eat it in combination with a pumpkin mango soup. This add-on is lovely in winter when it is cold outside and cozy inside. In summer, prepare a cup of Pearlins on ice(-dices) and enjoy your starter or time before you are eating the fresh salmon.
An egg neutralizes the many flavours and let you start this experience again-and-again. If you are more one-of-a-sweet-kind, your desert (i.e. a cooled Mousse au Chocolat, or watermelon ice cream) is the right finish in combination with a shot of the Pearlins V(ariant).