Pearlins comes along with its own history. Pearlins is not a product which has been created to build a production but rather it is a piece of culture with its roots in the period of the Second World War and before. Viktor Lubos who had grown up in Silesia and was based at South France during the war. He has overtaken a recipe of a spirit and produces the ginger-based spirit by this description. When the war was over, he returned to the family but resettled soon to escape communism because great parts of the country have become Polish. He moves to the region Saarland with the family. The following years are edged by reconstruction, working for the family, the construction of a house as well as the agriculture. In spite of everything, he has never forgotten his recipe. At first, he had only produced for personal use. Later, it became a nice present for friends. It has always been a drink which was produced with love and well-known for its fantastic, magical taste. Around the turn of the millenium, the production increases and there was the idea of drawing a small business with his grandson Daniel. However, until this should happen it takes a while because his grandson moves to Munich after his high school graduation where he began his studies of Physics. In 2010, before Daniel had left for a stay-abroad in Japan, both decide to turn the idea into action when Viktor’s godson comes back. Unexpectedly, Daniel’s grandfather dies when he sat in the airplane on the trip home.
Daniel Lubos decides to overtake the production of this gift and to realize the idea of the business. Primarily, he has organized the sales and tasting with his father and in small markets. Finally, Daniel Lubos has founded the company Pearlins supported by his friends Jochen and Kamil.
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