This real summer cooler has got its name by the city where it has been created by chance. Travelling through India for business affairs, Pearlins has met the most decent bars in India Silicon valley, Bangalore, where the barkeeper on a roof top as created something so dramatically fantastic, that made us stunned. We’d like to share this shocking great recipe with you and enrich you summer adventures by a new gourmet attraction.


120 ml Helles Beer
5 – 7 cl Pearlins
Water melon
Crushed Ice


Into the cup, fill in an amount of ice which you like. First put the beer, the Pearlins, which is spicing it up. Dekorate the cup with a lemon and a piece of water melon. Last but not least but the mint on top of the drink. When you start to drink the cocktail, squeeze the lemon and drop the water melon into the cup. The result is a fantastic refreshment which will certainly cool everyone done whatever hot the summer feels like.